Monday, February 18, 2019
Christmas meditation Inspirations

The Promise

Approximately seven hundred years before the birth of Jesus, there was a man named Isaiah.   He was a man of God, called by God, to deliver a message that would not be understood, nor heeded, but would point to God ‘s plan for all people. These were distressing times for God’s chosen people.  They prefered […]

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Christmas meditation

Christmas Gratitude

This time of year I love, much to my husband’s chagrin, getting lost in a good Christmas movie from the hallmark channel.  I enjoy the beauty of all the decorations and the beautiful clothes they wear. It’s fun to anticipate the relationship developing between the 2 handsome characters. I love to be swung up into […]

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Its Your Choice

This morning when I woke up I received a gift.  It is a gift each morning brings;  a blank canvas.  In it all I hold the brush.  I can determine this morning for hope or fear, for strength or weakness, for victory or defeat.  I can set my  mind this morning and give direction to […]

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