Monday, February 18, 2019
Family Mankind Music

Black History

I want to honour my brothers and sisters of African descent. In order to do so I have been listening to some old “Negro Spirituals”. The first day as I read some musical history and listened to some of the songs, the melancholy of the music, and knowing some of the history, evoked feelings of […]

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Today is my youngest sister’s birthday. She is not only the youngest sister but bears the brunt of being the youngest of seven and forever being the “baby” of the family. I remember the day well. My family was living on St. Joseph’s Island, close to the south east corner of Lake Superior. It was […]

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Family Inspirations


It was a good hit: hard, with direction and distance. Off she was in a shot to 1st base while the outfielders scrambled after the ball. I could see her delight as the fans cheered. Then she reached 2nd base. I saw her do a little dance. She was feeling good! “Pay attention.” her coach […]

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